Image from the Equipped for Life series of images

Image from the Equipped for Life series of images

Leaving the Armed Forces and living as a civilian

Glyndwr University was funded by Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) to conduct this exploratory study of identity and transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life. Using the premise of a link between identity and perspective this research reveals influences of a collective military identity/perspective on everyday accounts of decision-making. An enduring frame of reference is identified
that offers a rich context for understanding tensions and
challenges experienced by those leaving the Armed Forces. 

The findings focus on five significant areas of decision-making: Moving forward, Putting down roots, Changing pace, Living the moment and Being a veteran. The report outlines the methods used which include in-depth interview to form a context of understanding some of the challenges experienced and online concept-mapping to provide a prioritised view of recommendations.

Senior Lecturer Dr Nikki Lloyd-Jones was the lead on this research project and she explained her hopes for the report. “Committed to trying to bridge communications between those who have a military background and those who do not have such an insight, it is hoped that this report contributes to the conversation about the challenges associated with becoming a civilian.”

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